Hot fishing before cold weather in Sarasota, Florida

It is cool and breezy with some rain as I sit here writing my Sarasota fishing report this week.  Prior to the front bluefish and ladyfish were schooled up in large numbers at the middlegrounds, with a some speckled trout and pompano mixed in.  Bass Assassin jigs caught them.  Big Sarasota Pass had a lot of ladyfish as well with some jack crevelle and bluefish working bait on the surface.  This action should resume once the front clears through.  Jack crevelle continue to provide great light tackle spin and fly action in the area rivers and this cold snap should get the snook moving up.

Sarasota fishing report

Fantastic false albacore fishing continues in Sarasota!

Action was excellent once again this week for clients on Sarasota fishing charters with the highlight being the continued fantastic false albacore bite in the inshore Gulf of Mexico.  Albies fed aggressively on the surface all along the beaches, particularly near the passes and off of Pt. of Rocks and hot Bass Assassin jigs, plugs, spoons, and flies.  A few small Spanish mackerel were mixed in and we even saw a pod of tarpon!  This is great sport on light tackle and may continue for several more weeks, weather pernitting.


Inshore, action was very good as schools of large bluefish (4 pounds is a nice one here) and ladyfish were encountered on the deeper grass flats at Marina Jacks and Middlegrounds, with quite a few speckled trout mixed in.  Structure in Big Pass held grouper, snapper, grunts, and more and were caught using frozen shrimp. 


River fishing charters produced plenty of hard-fighting jack crevelle, though a trip on Saturday was slow.  Upcoming cooler weather should get fish moving.

Sarasota fishing report


Great action on a variety of species in Sarasota!

Anglers did well this week on Sarasota fishing charters on a variety of species in both Sarasota Bay and in area rivers.  Sarasota resident Bill Kish and I hit the Manatee River and encountered some BIG jack crevelle that hit diving plugs with reckless abandon.  In Sarasota Bay, ladyfish were plentiful with speckled trout, pompano, gag grouper, bluefish, jacks, and tons of ladyfish hitting Bass assassin jigs while drifting Big Pass, New Pass, and the nearby flats at Marina Jacks and Middlegrounds.

Sarasota fishing report


False albacore hitting off of Siesta Key

I was on vacation in Nags Head last week, so no report, though I did do a little surf fishing.  Yes, we guides DO fish on our vacations!  I arrived back home in Sarasota to find breezy conditions early in the wek, improving by the weekend.  Both passes were full of ladyfish with a few jacks, bluefish, and mackerel mixed in.  Grass flats at the Middlegrounds and Marina Jacks produced trout, jacks, and loads of ladyfish; most of the fish were caught on Bass Assassin jigs, while a fly angler scored using Clouser Minnow patterns.  I ran a couple of Sarasota fishing charters in the inshore Gulf on Mexico Friday and Saturday, finding most of the fish off of Pt. of Rocks on Siesta Key.  There were tons of Spanish mackerel and jacks, though most were small.  False albacore were a bit fussy, but persistent, patiend anglers scored using Jigs and Rapala X-Raps.

Siesta Key fishing charter


Sarasota fishing report; great fall action!

Angling opportunities are plentiful this time of year and my weekly Sarasota fishing report reflects that.  Anglers caught many different species using multiple techniques in a variety of locations.  Speckled trout, pompano, Spanish mackerel jack crevelle, bluefish, grouper, ladyfish, and more hit Bass Assassin jigs on the deep grass flats at the Middlegrounds and Country Club Shores.  Ladyfish were thick on the bars in both Big Pass and New Pass and hit jigs and plugs.  False albacore and Spanish mackerel were schooled up in the inshore Gulf of Mexico and hit Rapala X-Raps and Bass Assassin jigs.  Finally, I am starting to run my river fishing charters, with clients landing snook, bass, and jacks in the Manatee River.

Sarasota fishing report

Steady action on Sarasota fishing charters this week

Despite some breezy conditions, fishing the deep grass flats at the Middlegrounds, Radio Tower, and Marina Jack flat was steady this week.  Clients on Sarasota fishing charters caught cobia, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, speckled trout, gag grouper, mangrove snapper, jack crevelle, ladyfish, and more.  Gulp! Shrimp on a 1/4 ounce jig head fooled most of the fish, though a few hit free-lined shrimp as well.  We are settling into out fall pattern as weekly fronts are moving through the area.  Snook will be moving into the back country and I will be using artificial baits and live shrimp as the baitfish will be moving on.  This is my weekly Sarasota fishing report.

Sarasota fishing charters


Despite wind, a good Sarasota fishing report for this week!

I was out of town for most of the week, but got home in time to run a couple of Sarasota fishing charters over the weekend.  It was quite breezy, but the bite was steady, especially early before it really cranked up.  The deep grass at the Middlegrounds was productive, with clients on trips casting Gulp! Shrimp on 1/4 ounce jig heads, catching speckled trout, pompano, jacks, grouper, ladyfish, big sailcats, and more.  There was some VERY nice bait out on the beaches, and chumming produced snook and jacks in the passes and along mangrove shorelines as well as trout and ladyfish on the flats.  Snook are scattered out all over the place, from the beach, passes, and into the bays.

Sarasota fishing report

Pompano showing up on Sarasota fishing charters

I have another good Sarasota fishing report this week.  Fall seems like it is finally arriving as the there was quite a bit of surface activity from schools of feeding fish.  Bluefish, jacks, and ladyfish hit Bass Assassin jigs and Rapala plugs cast over submerged grass beds in Sarasota Bay on Sarasota fishing charters.  The jigs worked well in deeper water while plugs produced on the shallower flats.  Speckled trout and mackerel were also landed.  But, the big news was that pompano were landed on every charter, a most welcome addition to the daily catches.  This action should continue for several months until it gets cold.

Sarasota fishing report

Weather still hot; so is the fishing!

Unseasonably warm weather persists even though the calendar says that it is autumn.  Temperatures are still in the low 90s with water temps 86 at the end of the week.  The bite on the deep grass flats remained the best bet for anglers on Sarasota fishing charters thay were seeking action and variety.  Speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jacks, ladyfish, and other species kept the rods bent.  Jigs and live bait were both productive.  Jigs work best when there is a little wind present to keep the boat moving.  Snook are still in the passes and starting to migrate into the bays.  Spanish mackerel schools were spotted off of Pt. of Rocks on Siesta Key, a good cold front should really kick off that fishing.

Sarasota fishing charter

Fast fishing in Sarasota after Irma

Action in Sarasota Bay has been fast and furious of late, despite Hurricane Irma dumping a bunch of fresh water in the estuary.  Bait fish are plentiful on most of the edges of flats and there has been quite a bit of surface action as gamefish tear up the helpless bait.  The Middlegrounds, Stephen's Pt., and Buttonwood were all productive.  Snook are moving back through the passes and into the bays.  Most of the fish are "schoolies" in the 18"-24" range, and they are scattered out a bit.  There were also some breaking fish at the mouth of both passes on the outgoing tide.  Speckled trout, bluefish, snook, redfish, jacks, grouper, snapper, big sailcats, and ladyfish were landed by anglers on Sarasota fishing charters this week.

Sarasota fishing charters