Big Sarasota snook surprises client!

After 27 years of guiding, I am still surprised to see new things.  This week Mitch French was free lining a small pilchard out behind the boat.  Something big grabbed it and dumped the spool.  After a scramble to chase it down, we landed a 35" snook!  That was a big SArasota snook.  In normal action, the bite on the deep grass flats has been steady.  Gulp Shrimp produced early then a switch to lve bait worked better later in the morning.  Fresh cut bait worked well, too.  Speckled trout, Spanish mackerel, bluefish, jacks, grouper, snapper, sharks, ladyfish and more were landed.  Just about ecery grass flat in 6' to 10' of water held fish.  This action should continue all summer.

Sarasota fishing report

Wind, tide, and water clarity are all important issues when deciding where to fish.  Recent rains helped cool the water off, however is also stains it.  The floating mossy weed has definitely thinned out, which is a good thing.  Whenever possible, choosing a spot where the wind and tide move in the same direction is very beneficial.  Speckled trout have been the most plentiful species caught on Sarasota fishing charters.  Trout hit both jigs and live bait fish.  Chumming with live bait is a fantastic technique that produces a lot of fish.  Spanish mackerel will show up in the chum and feed more aggressively.  Adding more chum will keep them fired up.


My Sarasota fishing report would not be complete without a mention of snook and tarpon.  Snook fishing has been good in Big Sarasota Pass and New Pass.  There are also plenty of fish out on the beach.  Outgoing tides are best for fishing the pass for Big Sarasota snook.  A high, incoming tide is preffered for the beach.  It has been a disappointing season for tarpon in 2018.  West wind, a bit of red tide, and fishing pressure were all factors.

big Sarasota snook