Red tide affecting Sarasota fishing

Red Tide affecting fishing in Sarasota


The red tide moved further north in Sarasota Bay.  Fishing was decent, but on 8/10 the wind shifted west and that pretty much shut things down.  It seems to be easing up, so we shall see how it goes this week,  Capt Jim

Unfortunately, red tide has shown up off of the Sarasota beaches.  I hate to see the red tide affecting Sarasota fishing, but it does.  Patient anglers can still caught fish, the key being finding "clean" water on Sarasota fishing charters

Sarasota Fishing Report

Some of my favorite spots near Big Sarasota Pass and New Pass had red time move into it during the middle of the week.  It wasn't terrible and clients caught a few fish.  However, the dead fish floating nearby kind of take way some of the enjoyment.  The good news is that at least for now, the middle portion of Sarasota Bay has clean water and plenty of fish.  On Friday morning we ran across a couple large schools of jack crevelle.  They were terrorizing bait fish in three feet of water.  We got on them several times with a couple double-headers.

That bite slowed, so we eased out and worked grass flats in six feet to seven feet of water at Bishop's Pt., Buttonwood, and Stephen's Pt.  Action was steady with numerous  speckled trout to 18" being landed.  Jigs with Bass Assassin baits, Gulp Shrimp, and live shrimp were all effective.  Bluefish, mangrove snapper, gag grouper, ladyfish, jacks, and catfish were also caught.

Red Tide Tactics

While anglers can achieve success during periods of red tide, tactics do need to change.  Fishing with live bait fish can be difficult.  Red tide will move bait fish schools and it can be difficult to keep bait alive.  Running through one little patch can kill them all.  Live shrimp are not affected, it seems.  Anglers will do well by fishing fast and moving around until fish, and good water, are located.  Artificial lures such as the jig and grub combo work well.  Jigs allow anglers to cover a lot of water fairly quickly.  I wish my Sarasota fishing report did not include red tide affecting Sarasota fishing.  More info at the FWC site.

red tide affecting Sarasota fishing